Who we are

Producer of horticulture 

Joaõ Veloso generates about 100 hectares, where it cultivates several brassicas and pumpkins mainly. The productive center is in council Lourihã, where it explores 90 hectares, of which 60 hectares are own.

In NLS, LDA can find vegetables for all of the tastes! The foods that we marketed are of our own local production, and garanty free from artificial fertilizers and pesticides.

You can come and prove the quality and variety of our agricultural products!​ 

Adress-nos em Estrada Nacional nº361 ao km 8.5., Moita dos Ferreiros.

NLS, LDA is a place where can acquire agricultural products of great quality at competitive prices. Our business is of family caracter, without the use of fertilizers artificias or pesticides. Our mission is to make available fresh products and free from noxious substances. 

Since the beginning of our actividade, that the quality of our products is our flag and the reason for the which our customers trust us.

Consequently, we just marketed quality products. We were also proud of the professionalism and efficiency of all the ones that work so that NLS, LDA is the actual success example.

​Our mission is to provide products of high quality answering like this, to our customers needs.

To obtain more information, please, contact us. We are at your disposal!